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William Myrl grew up in a house stacked high with sci-fi, fantasy, and theater books. Fantasy won. 

Choosing life over school, William worked a variety of jobs while writing, and now resides in the hills of Appalachia.

Published in Reed Magazine and multi-year PEN contest finalist, William's current favorite gig is DnD dungeon master. 

 Updates:  Chapter 17 of Mystic Seasons Series Mythopoeia Book -8 posted, chapter eight of Lady in the Labyrinth posted high fantasy booksyoung adult fantasy books

Mythopoeia is a tale of a world in the breaking. Only an immortal barbarian, a lizard raised as a wizard, and a few young not quite heroes can come to stand between it and the end of all things.

 Dragons Summer begins as Abby's father slips into an inexplicable coma. She is taken by an uncle she barely remembers to a world she never imagined to be real, including golem ranch hands and a horse for a conversation partner.  When Abigail meets an uncannily beautiful boy called Li at the boundary of her uncle's ranch, she begins to realize that fantasy might not be so fantastic after all...